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Scleral buckling

This is a procedure done in the operating room to repair certain types of retinal detachment. This can be done under local anesthesia with sedation (where the patient is awake but relaxed and pain free) or under general anesthesia (where the patient is asleep).

First, the retinal tears or defects that caused the retinal detachment are sealed by cryoretinopexy or laser treatment. Then, depending on the type, location, or amount of fluid below the retina, the fluid can be drained through the wall of the eye through a very small incision. This allows for less shedding.

Then, with a material made of soft silicone, the wall of the eye is sutured in order to reduce bleeding. This helps retinal defects so that they can remain sufficiently closed.

This cleft can change the refractive prescription on the needs of the eye. This silicone material remains permanently around the eye, but is not visible when viewed on the patient.

Intraocular gas is also sometimes used as a pneumatic retinopexy. The Scleral Buckle can sometimes be used in conjunction with a flat vitrectomy. Patients generally go home the same day.

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