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Pneumo Retinopexy

This procedure can be done in the clinic to treat some retinal detachments. A medical gas is injected into the eye, into the vitreous (intravitreal) cavity.
The gas will float to the top of the inside of the eye.

With certain head placement, the gas will float into the correct position to support the retinal defect that caused the retinal detachment.

This procedure is combined with cryoretinopexy, transscleral diode laser, or laser retinopexy to seal the retinal tear or defect.

In one to two weeks, this can often allow the detachment to resolve without further intervention.

The gas slowly disappears over the course of several weeks. During this time, the patient cannot fly in an airplane or be at high altitude, otherwise the gas can expand in an unsafe way.

Intraocular gas is also sometimes used during scleral surgeries or vitrectomy surgeries in the operating room.

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