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Cryo Retinopexy

It is a Non-Surgical Procedures against Retinal Detachment. Cryo-therapy (or cryoretinopexy) – a frozen probe is used to seal the reverse of the retina in its normal position.

Cryo-retinopexy consists of placing a very cold probe in the sclera (white part of the eye) in order to transmit the treatment to the underlying retina within the eye.

This treatment causes a focal adhesion of the retina to the wall of the eye. This is helpful in treating retinal defects such as tears or small detachments.

It is especially useful when these defects are on the far periphery of the retina, near the front of the eye, where the laser may be more difficult to apply.

It is also helpful when vision is not clear enough to perform laser treatment due to cataracts or vitreous haemorrhage / opacities.

This type of procedure can also be used during pneumatic retinopexy or to complement certain surgical procedures in the operating room.

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