How to take care of the eyes from ultraviolet rays?

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How to take care of the eyes from ultraviolet rays?


Eye care Ana Laura Alanis presents a report on eye care.

Wearing dark glasses is not only fashionable, it is for your visual health. Interview with Dr. Rafael Bueno García.

Experts recommend wearing dark glasses, not only for fashion, but for the damage our eyes can have from UV rays, but the lenses we buy must block the sun’s rays 100%. There is talk that 18 million people in the world world suffer from cataracts, of which about 5% are directly related to prolonged exposure to the sun. Without a doubt, it is important to keep ourselves protected from the sun, since the consequences can be serious and also expensive. Create a culture of prevention at home, when your children go out to play or be exposed to the sun in the morning or after 6 in the afternoon, put dark glasses on them and explain the importance of having them.

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